EASY DIY Growth Chart Vinyl Ruler Kit

DIY Growth Chart Vinyl Ruler Kit

$21.00 CAD

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This is our super easy to do DIY Growth Chart Ruler.  Vinyl measuring "ticks" strips are pre- measured, pre- cut and have clear transfer tape applied. All you have to do is Peel and Stick!

Each number size varies due to font, each font has slightly wider or narrower measurements for each number but all are the same height.

 Small Numbers: Measure approx 1.5 inches high and 0.90 inch wide

Medium Numbers: Measure approx 2 inches high and 1.4 inches wide

 Large Numbers: Measure approx 3 inches high and 2 inches wide

Made from high quality outdoor rated vinyl to ensure that your child's milestones will never peel off. Available in 13 fonts and 60 colors. 

This is a 6ft vinyl Ruler that comes to you in 6  separate 1 foot proportion strips. The kit is displayed in the listing pictures. You can cut apart if you need a different ruler starting mark rather then 0.  

The Kit includes and is in x6  -1 foot strips;

~48 short "ticks"

~18 medium  "ticks"

~6 large "ticks"

~Numbers 1-6

~Detailed instructions on how to easily create your own unique chart

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This listing is only for specified item. Wooden growth charts, Stain, hanging supplies and other shapes are not included.
Please note, due to differences in computer monitor display technologies, not all colors will be appear exactly as they are indicated in the color chart.

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