Double Sided Legacy Growth Chart

Double Sided Legacy Growth Chart

$120.00 CAD

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This handcrafted wooden Growth Chart is  approx 7 inches wide X 6 ft tall X 1 inch and done with our classic Baskerville number font. 

 The charts are decorated with vinyl classic ruler markings and numbers 1-6. The ruler markings measure start at 9 inches goes to 6'8. The Chart starts at 9 inches so the charts can accommodate any size of baseboard or carpet. Comes with hanging hardware and are stained on both sides. 

The Growth Chart board is hand stained on the 4 largest planes and made from local Canadian Spruce. The markings and numbers are a permanent outdoor quality vinyl. 

Please note, due to differences in computer monitor display technologies, not all colors will be appear exactly as they are indicated in the color chart.

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