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Little Prairie Craft Co in Spruce Grove, AB makes growth charts, growth chart decals and growth chart arrows.

Little Prairie Craft Co is located in Spruce Grove, AB . It takes about 5-8 business days for us to create and process your custom order.Around Christmas and other major holidays, the turnaround time is approx 7-10 business days. After you place your order, you can expect a prompt email from us stating the promised completion date.

Local pick up ( West End Edmonton) is available on growth charts and wooden signs over a minimum order amount.  .We also offer shipping across Canada, USA and Worldwide.  Shipping is via Canada Post. 

Little Prairie Craft Co. stands to make the most unique, different and affordable growth chart accessories available on the market. Honestly, you wont find anyone else with the font options, color options, design layouts or vinyl options that we offer.

We are Etsy's Number 1 seller worldwide of DIY Growth Chart Kits and Height Marking Arrows for Growth Charts.


About Our Wooden Products

  • For safety purposes we recommend screwing the growth charts at the top and bottom into a stud in your wall. This keeps your kids from pulling the board off the wall and onto themselves. If you prefer not to screw into your wall, our growth charts come with a self leveling sawtooth picture hanger installed on the chart. However, it is not the safest way to guarantee the chart will not fall off the wall
  • All boards are hand selected for quality but please do keep in mind that as wood is a natural product the character of every board is different and may have varying imperfections, ie. Knots, grain, natural holes etc. As we are picking the lumber, we love "rustic flair" so we have a tendency to choose funky boards over plain boards
  • Growth charts are constructed using either spruce or knotty pine (depending on the season) They are sanded and stained by hand. All boards are stained front and back

 Each product is handcrafted and made to order making each one 100% unique. No two signs will be the same. Due to the nature of the material used, each piece of wood will have unique variations and imperfections which add to the rustic look and feel of your item. Each piece of lumber grabs stain differently so this makes the lumber one of a kind We back our products 100% if there are any issues with your items, please contact us within 3 days.  Wood is a natural medium and unfortunately sometimes things happen. We recommend hanging your chart right away and not leaning it against the wall as sometimes bowing may occur


About Our Vinyl Products & the Vinyl on Wooden Signs

Little Prairie Craft Co's vinyl products are made out of a high quality, permanent outdoor rated vinyl. All our vinyl products come with a clear transfer tape applied on top of the vinyl and detailed instructions on how to easily apply.  All the growth charts and wooden signs are made with this vinyl as lettering and graphics. We do not hand paint anything other then the board itself. The vinyl that is placed on our wooden items is the same outdoor, permanent vinyl that is used to make our arrows and kits.