DiY Family Decal Layout Instructions

Little Prairie Craft Co.’s DIY Family Layout Kit

Little Prairie Craft Co.’s DIY Family Layout Kit comes disassembled to you in pieces. Why? Because we ourselves hate paying expensive shipping for things and so disassembling the stickers this keeps shipping economical for you!  However, this is easy enough to put on your board or wall! (if you are putting on wall, please make sure you ordered the wall decal vinyl as the normal vinyl we use by default is considered permanent and damaging to walls)

  1. Place decals where you would like them. Check for height between numbers and your letters. make sure you can fit any “y” “j” etc, any letters with tails that you may have.
  2. Rub the clear transparent transfer tape. You may have to rub hard a few times to make it adhere to transfer tape. Make sure the vinyl is sticking to the tape.
  3. Flip decal over, peel apart layers. The colored vinyl should be coming off the white paper and sticking to the clear transfer tape. If it isn’t, repeat step 2 until it does.
  4. Place decal (now on clear transfer tape) onto your item you wish to be decorated. ** Please note that this is considered permanent vinyl and does not come off easily once a surface. This piece of advice is coming after a lot of experience through trail, error and wasted vinyl haha.
  5. Once item is on surface, rub the decal hard. Use a credit card or anything hard.
  6. CAREFULLY peel off transfer tape. Do this at a sharp angle. If the vinyl is coming with the transfer tape, stop and rub the vinyl on until it is off the tape.
  7. DONE! You should be left with the vinyl on the item and clear transfer tape in your hand. If you have any issues, please feel free to contact us through etsy or


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