DiY Growth Chart Ruler

                                  Little Prairie Craft Co.

                                DIY Growth Chart Ruler Kit

This growth chart kit makes the ruler markings start at 9 inches and goes up to 6 feet 8 inches. We have started our charts at the 9-inch mark so the growth chart can accommodate all the various sizes of baseboards once it is hung.  You can absolutely re-configure the markings to your desired height.  Our favorite lumber to use is 8x6 Spruce or Knotty Pine. You can use this kit to put on ruler markings for any size of lumber.


~Tape Measure

~DIY Growth Chart Markings Kit (48 short inch marking lines, 18 medium inch marking lines, 6 large feet marking lines)


~Tweezers (for placing vinyl ruler markings on board)

~Stained / Painted Board



  1. Using tape measure, measure out on your board all the height increments you will need. (inches, feet) Starting at 9 inches at the bottom of the board. You can make your growth chart markings on either side of the board.
  2. The first marking on the chart at the bottom will be the 9 inch on the ruler., with tweezers, use a MEDIUM sized vinyl line from the kit to mark the 9 inch spot. Then use 2 short inch marking lines from the kit to mark the next 2 one inch increments.
  3. You have come to 1 foot. Place the wide, large number marking line from the kit here. We recommend placing the numbers last after all the ruler markings are on.
  4. Next, use 1 SMALL inch markings lines for each of the next 2 inch increments. Then place a MEDIUM for the 3rd inch increment. Keep following that pattern until you reach the next foot marking increment. Place a wide LARGE marking line and then continue pattern. 2 small, 1 medium, 2 small, 1 medium, 2 small, 1 medium, 2 small, 1 Large foot marking line.
  5. After all your ruler markings are on, use the measuring tape to measure from the edge of the board and place your numbers where you feel they look best. After all, this is your chart!growth chart ruler diagram for Little Prairie Craft Co
  6. growth chart pictures for Little Prairie Craft Co