DiY Porch Sign Instructions


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DIY Porch Welcome Sign Kit

This porch sign welcome kit makes the words WELCOME for your porch sign. WELCOME  has  each letter measures approx. 5 inches wide to that the complete length of 36 inches (3 feet) and 5 inches high. You can absolutely re-configure the sign length to your desired height.  


~Tape Measure

~DIY Porch Welcome Sign Kit  


~Stained / Painted Board



  1. Using tape measure, mark the exact middle of the top on your board. Measure the top and the bottom of your board so there will be equal blank space on top and bottom of your sign.
  2. With the chalk, draw LIGHLY down the exact center of the board. This will help you place the letters, so the word is centered in the board
  3. Use the supplied piece of transfer tape and layer it on top of a letter. Rub with layers together with a hard object like a credit card or wooden spoon. This is called “Burnishing” . Peel the paper backing off the transfer tape, leaving the vinyl on the transfer tape,
  4. Place the letters on the board using the chalked center line to help you with keeping the letters perfectly centered.

 *Tip: When we make Porch Welcome signs, we do lots of measuring using a ruler. We lightly place the letter on the board and then measure the top of the letter from the previous letter and we measure the sides of the letter to the sides of the wood just to make sure every letter is even

  1. Once the individual letter is where you want it, rub the letter down hard with your credit card or whatever you are using for burnishing. Peel the clear transfer tape off CAREFULLY making sure the vinyl comes off the transfer tape and stays on the board. Wipe off the chalk line with a damp piece of paper towel.




This vinyl is an outdoor rated, permanent grade type of vinyl. It cannot be taken off and re positioned once placed and flattened, However we don’t recommend leaving it direct sun as it may fade the vinyl after years.

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