Meet the Maker

Once upon a time, nestled in the heart of the Canadian prairie, the Little Prairie Craft Company came into being. Founded with pride and passion, this handcrafted business bloomed under the ownership of a tenacious woman. Its humble origins trace back to 2015, where its journey began in the cozy confines of a rustic farmhouse basement in Alberta.

As the demand for their exquisite creations grew, so did their aspirations. Swiftly outgrowing their original space, the company embraced change and moved to a larger, purpose-built workshop. Embracing the digital age, they reached out to a wider audience, establishing their presence on their very own branded website. In their pursuit of sharing their art with the world, they also set up shop on popular platforms like Etsy, Amazon, and Wayfair, captivating the hearts of countless customers.

But their story didn't end there. The Little Prairie Craft Company had more chapters to fill and more dreams to realize. Embracing innovation and connecting with like-minded artisans, they joined forces with Faire, a platform that shared their vision of making handmade craftsmanship accessible to all.

Now, as the sun sets over the prairie, the Little Prairie Craft Company continues to create magic with their skilled hands and boundless imagination. Every product they craft carries a piece of their heritage, a touch of Canadian soul, and the essence of their unwavering dedication to their craft. The heartwarming tale of this remarkable business reminds us that from humble beginnings, great things can flourish, and the spirit of creativity knows no bounds.