Meet the Maker

Hello! My name is Ashley and I am the owner/maker of Little Prairie Craft Co.

I have a huge passion for creativity and design— creating makes me happy!


A bit about why I do this... I started Little Prairie Craft Co. in 2017 when we moved into a new home. I wanted to add a touch of our family's unique personality somewhere in our home.

I thought a wooden growth chart ruler would be a great start to add a unique conversation piece of decor and my family's history to our new home. However, once I started looking for a chart, I couldn't find anything that would match the house's new modern decor and wasen't super "kiddie" looking. I wanted something that would suit my modern decor, be of professional workmanship and made from high quality, long lasting materials.


Little Prairie Craft Co. creates visually appealing decor in all the colors of our modern lifestyles. Designing unique, one of a kind children's decor that will be able to stay in style while home design trends change year after year. 

Little Prairie is excited to become a part of your family's history and I look forward to working with you!