Wood Surface Tips and Tricks

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So we have been making and selling growth charts for years. We can say we have probably made over 1000 growth charts alone (we have over 12000 sales just on Etsy alone!)  There is a lot of info on how to make your own sign, growth chart, porch sign on Pinterest and on the internet if you need step by step instructions. We make and sell our vinyl decals on the basis that the buyer is somewhat familiar with how to make a DIY wooden sign. We assume the buyer is purchasing our decals as a finishing product in order to achieve a professional looking DIY project. 

Here are a few things we recommend to help you achieve vinyl success:

~> Give your wood a light sanding. Vinyl will not stick to rough and bumpy surfaces or any surface with a oily/dirty/dusty residue on it.

~> Stain needs at LEAST 7 days to fully dry and cure. Make sure you stain the 4 largest planes of your wooden sign to prevent any cupping or warping in the future. We always stain the front, back and both sides. We don't always stain the cut sides but we always cover those parts with a clear sealant.

~> If using a oiled based stain (ie Minwax), the vinyl will not stick well to that alone. You will need to seal the stain. We use and recommend Varathane Triple Thick. We can not give advice for any other product as this is what we tried and it works so we haven't experimented with any other product. 


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