Growing Up Right Before Our Eyes (Disney Like ) Growth Chart

Growing Up Right Before Our Eyes (Disney Like ) Growth Chart

$88.00 CAD

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Growing Up Right Before Our Eyes Growth Chart

Disney- like Font GROWING UP RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES is the focal point of this amazing chart. The ruler markings are a disney-like font and done in our Vertical Ruler number layout. Both the Quote and Ruler is done in the same color.

The picture in first display is White Barn Wash with Gloss Black Vinyl. Second Chart in display images is Grey with Matte White Vinyl. Both these customers that ordered these charts, also ordered our Mouse Ears Height Marking Arrows to complete the theme

Mouse Ears with Bow here
Mouse Ears here

The Chart is approx 7.0 inches wide and 6 ft tall. The chart is decorated with classic ruler markings and the numbers 1-6 The ruler markings measure starts at 9 inches and measured to 6'0. The reason the Chart starts at 9 inches so the chart can accommodate any size of baseboard. The chart comes with hanging hardware and is stained on both sides so prevent cupping