Personalized Heart Height Marking Arrows

Personalized Heart Height Marking Arrows

$17.00 CAD

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Made from permanent, outdoor rated vinyl and over 40 colors. Comes with 20 arrows in this set (Birth to 18 years). Easy to apply with the layer of clear transfer tape that comes with these. Available left or right pointing. 

Please note, that this adorable font does not have the top dots in the "i" letter and the font is a mixture of lowercase and capital letters. All letters are the same height so the first letter of name is not larger then other letters.

The arrows on display are in our Pink vinyl 

These Height Marking Arrow Stickers are available in over 30 colors and available in 2 languages (French and English)

This listing is only for specified item. Ruler markings, ruler numbers, wooden growth charts and other shapes are not included unless specified.

Please note, due to differences in computer monitor display technologies, not all colors will be appear exactly as they are indicated in the color chart.

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